Company history

"Biocard Research" is the oldest CRO in Russia (eg. 1988/89 we ran the first clinical trial in Post Soviet Russia for Austrian company Ebewe). During this period we have worked with many big pharma companies of the world (please, refer to "Company history" section for more detailed information) and performed hundreds phase II-IV international and local multicenter and single-center clinical trials in different indications as well as in non-interventional observational studies.
The main indications of clinical trials we have conducted are the following:
- Cardiology,
- Oncology,
- Neurology,
- Gastroenterology,
- Anesthesiology,
- Pulmonology,
- Psychiatry,
- Endocrinology,
- Infections,
- Gynecology.
"Biocard Research" also conducts Bioequivalence trials since 2011 and has performed dozens of BE trials including the medical writing, project management and monitoring, organization of analytical laboratory services, data management and statistics analysis.